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Resolve Back Pain Naturally

A blog to help you beat back pain naturally while avoiding surgery and injections so you can live your best life. Taking the fear out of disc bulges, herniations, sciatica, and stenosis by empowering you to keep moving to resolve your pain.  

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Your place for free resources on how you can resolve back pain…with more helpful strategies than just exercise.

7 Best Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Here are 7 stretches to have in your “back pain relief toolbox” so you can keep moving and do what you do best. 

What are the red flags of low back pain?

Clear up some head space and learn when you should really worry about your back pain.

One of the best exercises for acute low back pain

Here is one exercise that helps MOST people, but not everyone. It’s simple and easy to perform, give it a try and see if it helps YOU!

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back pain exercises
Back Pain exercises
lifestyle changes for back pain relief

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“Thank you for sharing such amazing content. Your approach is so holistic, and I like to use your tools in my practice with my clients.”

CLara V.

“My husband has used your exercises for his back pain, and was able to completely resolve his pain, no problems! Thank you so much!”

Jen H.

“I love how you come at this very common problem with simple, effective methods that I can implement immediately. You also have a refreshingly different perspective on how to treat back pain.”

Bobbie M.
Emily Warren

Dr. Emily Warren

Hi! I am Emily. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and integrative spine care specialist. I am a runner, yoga lover, gardener, wanna-be bread baker, wife, and mom of 2 cute humans and 1 furry pup. I understand the joy that comes from living an active life, and want to provide resources for you to beat back pain so you can live your best life.